New stars shine brightly and audibly for the worshippers of Salatiga

That once glistening, newly-installed A/V system soon loses its' lustre over the years. Whilst the components naturally decay over a period of time, the technology becomes increasingly more obscure before an ever expectant audience. Understandably, houses of worship have to juggle their finances accordingly. For some, it may be more prudent to address individual system challenges each year, whilst for others an all-encompassing upgrade can be conducted each decade. Fitting the latter category, Bethany Church Salatiga is a vibrant and diverse 1,000-seat house of worship in central Java that opted for a full audio system refurbishment. At the time of the last refit in 2003, the services were a little less musical in nature and witnessed by a smaller congregation. As such, an active Mackie SR1530 three-way loudspeaker / SWA1801 subwoofer system mixed on an analogue Allen & Heath GL3800-840 console was deemed more than sufficient for their needs. Following a review, it was decided that the church would benefit by adding a new loudspeaker system together with the latest FOH and monitor mixing functionality in the main sanctuary. Additionally, several varying traditional, modern and youth services had to be accounted for each day, as did the broadcast feeds for its radio station. Ultimately, Bethany Salatiga Church elected to become one of the first Indonesian houses of worship to install Allen & Heath's dLive S7000 digital control surface and DM64 MixRack together with a combination of eight ME-U and ME-1 personal monitor mixers. PT ProMedia Innovative Solution played the role of supplier and installer with support coming from distributor Kairos Multi Jaya. 'Our church had been using a GL3300 every day for the past 13 years without any problems, so we knew Allen & Heath was reliable,' explained Bethany's technician Samuel Aderiel Susanto. 'With the demands of a growing church community, dLive's digital features will ensure that we are able to manage all of the audio challenges, such as live recording.' 'For a sound engineer that is new to digital mixing, dLive really makes my job easier as it's very easy to use and intuitive,' furthers sound engineer Wegig Satrija Puruhita. 'Apart from having all the features you'd expect on a digital console, it also has many practical assets, such as a port for the musicians' ME personal monitoring system. As a bonus, the console also looks beautiful - you can tell that every knob and fader was chosen with great consideration. The church hosts many different types of service and the engineer needs to consider the requirements of every musician and worshipper, which changes from one service to the next. With dLive's recall options, the hard work is done and the audio is reassuringly consistent each time.' As the number of worshippers has increased over thirteen years, so has their desire to be musically entertained with higher SPL's whilst receiving highly intelligible speech. A d&b audiotechnik V series consisting of four V8 far-fills and four V12 near fills suspended in a L-R configuration future proofs the church's needs beyond the next decade. Augmented by four V-SUB subwoofers configured in cardioid mode, both the power and DSP management is provided courtesy of single d&b audiotechnik four-channel 30D DSP and D80 DSP power amplifiers. Both the V8 and V12 cabinets combine dual 10-inch LF drivers with a horn loaded 8-inch MF driver and two 1.4-inch exit HF compression drivers. Whilst the V8 provides 80 horizontal constant directivity dispersion control down to 250 Hz, the V12 has been designed to offer a wider 120 coverage. Setting up and configuring the three-way passive system was almost effortless according to PT ProMedia Innovative Solution general manager Yosua Heriyanto. 'd&b's ArrayCalc makes life considerably easier, ' Mr Heriyanto enthuses. 'Following the inputting of the sanctuary dimensions and calling up a room template, ArrayCalc automatically provided all the splay angles and array heights. Furthermore, ArrayCalc allowed us to export all the predicted system settings, such as time alignments, filtering and EQ into the 30D and D80 amplifiers.' Both amplifiers can be accessed on the d&b Remote network either via Ethernet using the Open Control Architecture protocol (OCA) or CAN-Bus using RJ45 connectors. Although the LEDs on the front panels display power, input, data and mute status, both amplifiers can be controlled using the integrated web interface from a browser or the R1 remote control software. Furthermore, the LoadMatch function electrically compensates for the properties of loudspeaker cable used, ensuring a stable output when used with inconsistent weak mains supplies. The introduction of ME-U and ME-1 personal monitors has ensured the musicians are contributing lower SPL's towards the congregation. However, this has been balanced by an additional eight Mackie SRM450 stage monitors serving the needs of the choir in addition to two d&b Max stage monitors dedicated for the worship leaders. Clearly recognising his own voice from the sleek profile Max wedges, Pastor Bambang Hengky Driyanto expressed his admiration with the overall upgrade. 'We didn't realise how much we'd benefit from both the Allen & Heath analogue to digital upgrade and the installation of a d&b loudspeaker system. Whether you're using it or listening to it, it's like changing your car from a Toyota Innova to a Ferrari.'

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