A New Sanctuary of GBI PRJ PLUIT CK7 at Pluit Village Mall

the SE-1200MU HD six-channel video switcher, which marries video inputs with digital content. Operation is enabled on one of the four PC's together with the RMC-260 control panel. The lighting blends XC200 moving heads at the front of the stage with Focus LED moving heads at the rear. Overhead fresnels and par cans add varying hues and moods, all of which are mixed on an Avolites Tiger Touch II console. Like most modern churches, GBI appeals to its' children and youth by engaging them with interactive classrooms. Three classrooms draw various age groups in an outdoor corridor outside the main sanctuary, where the A/V expenses have continued to roll to entertain and educate the young audience. An array of professional equipment including beyerdynamic TG500 wireless microphones, Datavideo SE6500 switchers, 100-inch LED and 84-inch HD screens, Mackie ProFX22 mixers blend in with the colourful customised furniture. In terms of loudspeakers and monitors, an assortment of FBT self-powered cabinets including the X-Pro12A speakers and X-Lite 12A and X-Sub18A subwoofers provide more than ample SPL for the young attendees. 'In addition, there is another church that practises above GBI-CK7 Pulit every Sunday,' further elucidates Mr Heriyanto. 'It was necessary to insert acoustic absorbers to minimise LF emissions. However, the site had been disused for a year and so air conditioning had not been working over that time and as a result the room was very humid and damp. We couldn't use the adhesives for inserting the acoustic treatment, so the addition of dehumidifiers was essential for completing the project in time for Christmas. We then arranged a different Sunday order of service with the neighbouring church so there was no conflict. Ultimately, the Pastor is comfortable and there are no vibrations or acoustic problems.'

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