Trans Studio Bandung Theme Park's Audio Installation

When Trans Studio was opened in the Indonesian city of Makassar inSouth Sulawesi, Indonesia in 2009 it was the world's third-largest indoor theme park. It's now number four as the same group recently opened Trans Studio theme park in Bandung, which is the biggest in Asia. The Mega Development Project is an integrated development, comprising not only of the indoor theme park, shopping mall, supermarket and hotel. The bigger they come, the bigger the sound reinforcement requirements and the challenges that go with it. Chairul Tanjung is the founder and the owner of Para Group owning the Bank Mega and television broadcasting company, Trans Corp which operates private television stations Trans TV and TV7. As such, it is the first television station in history to own an indoor theme park and has taken advantage of this unique fact by promoting its' television shows throughout the 4.2 hectare space. As such, many of the rides in Trans Studio are adopted from TransTV's and Trans7's shows. The developers have certainly invested wisely as the catchment area for the theme park is wide. Not only do crowdsflock from Jakartaseeking the cool mountain air of Bandung, but Malaysians are also attracted by direct flights from Kuala Lumpur. As a part of the entertainment, Trans Studio has a mono train in addition to 20 features and amusement rides in three thematic areas: Studio Central, which bears Hollywood and New York themes; Lost City, an area featuring adventurous rides and Magic Corner, which is decked with mid-century European decor. The theme park includes several performing art venues such as the Trans City Theatre, which showcases Broadway-style spectacles, and the Amphitheatre, showcasing shows and hosting parades with international and local artists.Yamaha Racing Coaster dashes at 120km per hour during its first 3.5 seconds and reaches an altitude of 49m above the ground before it reverses to the starting point at the same speed. There's also the Giant Swing, which is a ride that swings its riders 18m into the air on two pendulum arms. The theme park also has plenty of non-ride entertainment including 'special effects action', which is an exhibition that depicts behind-the-scenes in movie filming. Marvel Superheroes 4D is a simulator that features superheroes such as Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man trying to save Indonesia, India and America. As an audio supplier and systems integrator, Promedia Innovative Solutions (PIS) has enjoyed a long standing working relationship with the owner Mr. Tanjungfor numerous years. Their work to date with the group includes supplying audio broadcast equipment to Trans TV and Trans 7, installing the Coffee Bean outlets with Genelec speaker systems throughout Indonesia and of course outfitting of Trans Studio Makassar. These references helped them secure the tender to supply and install the sound reinforcement system throughout the theme park. PIS also designed the BGM system in conjunction with Trans Studio director BudimanWijaya and senior audio division manager HendriAnanto. Despite the presence of numerous other contractors on site all desperately aware that the 18 June opening day deadline was getting ever closer, a team of eleven technicians and two engineers from PIS only had seven weeks in which to complete the project. They coordinated their efforts closely with the interior designers, ride engineers and acousticians, together with the mechanical, electrical and civil engineering contractors. They diligently stuck to their task often working around the clock towards the end, for which over 400 surface mount, line array and portable speakers were installed into the various zonedthemes of Trans Studio Bandung. The theatre's plays and parades adapt the local culture, such as the 'Kabayan Goes to Hollywood' show, which is based on a famous Sundanese fictional character named Kabayan. The 400-seat theatre is served by two suspended RCF NX L23-A compact line arrays consisting of three cabinets in each array, supplemented by single NX S25-A dual 15-inch and single NX 21-S 21-inch subwoofers per side installed within the lip of the stage. The self powered system is mixed on an Allen & Heath. R72 digital console via an iDR-32 Mix Rack, whilst speaker processing is performed on a Sabine NAV4802 processor. A similar but larger version of this set up has been adopted for the live amphitheatre which hosts a live musical band several times per day. Each L-R array consists of six RCF NX L23-A cabinets and there are a total of three NX 21-S and three NX S21A subwoofers supplementing the lower frequencies. Mixing is performed from an Allen & heath iLive T-80 console. 'The Trans Studio technicians really like the console as its' very intuitive to use and there are presets, which make it simple to configure according to the show you wish to mix,' offered PIS managing director Yosua Yan Heriyanto. The background music system is a simple set up mainly utilising a music source taken from an Alcorn McBride 8 Traxx player, for which 16 channels of audio can be stored on each compact flash or iPod in a continual loop. The resultant mixers are then fed into Allen & Heath iDR-8 16 x 16 matrix mixers and appropriately zoned. EAW DX1208 processors with 24 presets then apply EQ filters, gates, compressors/limiters, auto-mixing, priority assignment, delay, gain and crossovers to the sources depending on the zone.The signal is them amplified via EAW Commercial CXA80 80W amplifiersat 100-volt output in addition to CAM80 integrated audio mixer and 80W power amplifierswith six actively balanced combination mic/line inputs before being output to the EAW speakers. 'We chose the EAW SMS2124 and SMS1990 surface mount speakers as they are very powerful and our technicians found them easy to install,' furthered Mr. Heriyanto. 'With the clip-fit wall-mount units, you can then simply clip the loudspeakers onto the clip-fit arm in one motion once the wall-mount units have been placed into on a wall. The audio connection is then terminated and the loudspeaker is live. The wall-mount unit offers a tilt positioning for precise aiming.' In zones where the screams and ambient background noise is high, higher power active Mackie SRM450 speakers have been affixed to columns. 'They cut through the noise of the theme park really well,' grinned Mr. Heriyanto. In the final run up the park opening, the PIS team would be confronted with almost changing plans on a daily basis. 'Our team at Trans Studio had to keep up with the highly dynamic environment they were working in and upgrade the system at any given time,' furthered Mr. Heriyanto. 'Some contractors simply couldn't keep up and you wouldn't see them afterwards. We had to compromise our ideal speaker positions owing to restrictions, other contractors and aesthetics. With the Mackie powered speakers, the long distances from amplifier rooms resulting in loss of signal for passive speakers wasn't a problem and you don't need to equalise these as they run flat. Like the RCF ART500 speakers, they're plug and play and for me are the best sounding paging speakers money can buy.' Mr. Heriyanto and the PIS team haven't finished their work yet at Bandung Trans Studio theme park as a six star 1,000 room hotel is now nearing completion on site. Further theme parks are being forecast to open across Indonesia in future including an even larger one in Jakarta. Given the high standards the PIS team has set in this instance, it would appear that their relationship with Trans Studio is in its early stages.

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