Building on a leap of faith, May-June 2017 WORSHIP AVL

GBI Alam Sutera took advantage of underutilised space in a mall complex, maximising the physical space and technical infrastructure to draw a congregation where none previously existed. Richard Lawn Investigates. IT'S ENTIRELY PLAUSIBLE THAT THE town planners in Jakarta were so impressed with the 1989 movie Field of Dreams that they decided to create a new town in the western suburbs near Tangerang called Alam Sutera. In that film, an lowa corn farmer heard a voice telling him 'if you build it, he will come' and in doing so interpreted this as an instruction to build a baseball diamond in his fields. The relatively affluent Alam Sutera settlement is now home to 32.000 people. Nestled into Alam Sutera and designed by an international architect, the mall @alam sutera complex opened in December 2012 in a bid to entice middle class shoppers to its lifestyle stores and shops. The new development is taking some to attract the numbers desired to sustain all the retail outlets; when a bedding store had to close its doors, the malls management made a request to the GBI church for them to take the space so as to add a new dimension to its floor plan. Having agreed, GBI's leap of faith has paid off for both the church and the mall with the creation of PRJ-CK7 - better known as GBI Alam Sutera Mall. Having fully converted the old retail space into a sanctuary with adjacent children's classrooms, the building contractor also integrated acoustic control elements, including perforated rock wool and gypsum, throughout the converted development. A loudspeaker demonstration was then held in which four systems were tendered, for which an FBT Muse self-powered system was specified on account of its high power, compact for factor,even distribution and price-performance features. As a result PT Promedia Innovative Solutions was called upon to design, supply and install a full Muse turnkey audio system into the newly created 700-capacity sanctuary and four adjacent children's rooms. No stranger to the GBI fraternity, the Jakarta distributor and systems integrator laid the cabling in September 2016 in the full knowledge that the church had set a deadline for opening before Christmas. The main conduit runs overhead from the stage to the purpose-built rear control room. Sales engineer Teguh Prakoso - who also volunteers at the church - understood what system would suit the pastor, teachers, musicians and singers best, 'it was a hard shoot out as the other three brands were big names, but the FBT Muse line array scored highly with the judges for a room of these dimensions' comments Mr Prakoso.'Sourching the rest of the equipment was straightforward as I understand what all the participants wanted in order to create the best possible worship experience. Measuring 17m x 28m, the worshippers in the 8m high sanctuary receive even audio coverage courtesy of the eight Muse 210LA and dual Muse 118FSA low frequency cabinets in each L-R stereo array. Weighing 38,2kg each 210LA cabinet produces 90-degrees of horizontal dispersion, which is more than sufficient for a venue of such dimensions, "We made our predictions in EASE Focus but could only suspend seven 210LA per side initially as the cuiling height was 7m,'furthers general manager Yosua Yan Heriyanto, 'The church committee agreed and the general contractor obliged by extending the false ceiling above the stage by a further 1m. it FOH and monitor mixing is performed on an Allen & Heath dilive S5000 digital console located in the spacious,windowless control room. "The church is familiar with the Allen & Heath iLive platform and so they wanted to operate a console that they were familiar and confident with, 'furthers Mr Prakoso. The dLive is a 96k upgrade on the iLive for which the house engineers are familiar with the GUI and the layout, they appreciate the warm preamps, feel reassured with the dual-redundancy and are starting to benefit from the control and Dante recording options, The dLive control surface is connected to a DM64 MixRack that has been integrated into an onstage rack together with the DLM26 processors. The audio quality is extremely good and the platform suits GBI's needs perfectly in terms of inputs and outputs. An M-Dante card has been inserted into the MixRack providing digital audio networking options with 64 channels of bi-directional audio. The interface was specified at GBI Alam Sutera Mall of multi-track recording, primarily for allowing the musicians and singers to monitor their individual performances following a service and for recording special shows. The video production team also benefit from the Dante multitrack recording capabilities offered when synchronizing their own video editing as well as creating. The video production installed by V2 draws heavily on an array of Datavideo products, supplied by PT Harmoni Yogja Inti Sellars. Measuring 8m in width x 4.5m in height, a Unilumens 16,9 resolution LED screen at the rear of the stage provides the entire congregation with HD content. A 6-channel SE-2200 HD video controller lies at the core of the operations. Prior to scaling the final picture quality it transmits to the LES screen, it receives dedicated feeds from the Datavideo fixed cameras, in addition to the content provided from four PC computers. a Blu-ray player and Chromakey text overlay from an HDR-200 harddrive-based video recorder. The two fixed and two portable cameras are controlled from the RMC-180PTZ camera control unit,whilst an ITC-100 eight-way talkback system allows the mobile A/V operators to communicate with the control rom personnel individually or simultaneously on all channels. Furthermore, live video for sharing with any oversoil congregation, together with recordings of services,can be made on the SE-1200MU HD six-channel video switcher, which marries video inputs with digital content. Operation is enabled on of the four PCs together with the RMC-260 control panel. The lighting blends six PRC XR330 moving head at the front of the stage with Focus LED moving heads at the rear. Wall-mounted and overhead Fresnels and PAR cans add varying hues and moods, all of which are mixed on an Avolites Tiger Touch II console. The multimedia room at the rear of the venue is a hive of activity during the services, although nothing is left to chance with the services well-rehearsed in advance. Like most modern churches, GBI appeals to its children and youth by engaging them with interactive classrooms. The four classrooms, with names including Jerusalem and Nazareth, draw various age groups in a corridor outside the main sanctuary. None of the classrooms have been spared any A/V expense as the gear is used to fully engage with its young audience. An array of professional equipment including Datavideo SE700 switchers, 1155-inch LED screens, 84-inch HD screens and Allen & Heath Zed22 FX mixers blend in with the colourful customized furniture. In term of loudspeakers, an assortment of FBT self-powered cabinets including the X-Pro15A and X-Pro12A speaker, X-Lite 12A and StageMaxx monitors and X-Sub18A subwoofers provide more than enough SPL for the young attendess. Twenty-three years in the making and Alam Sutera has grown into a large, affluent community. The church took a risk in locating a new branch in the underused shopping mall, but that decision has been fully vindicated. Church membership has grown enormously since they opened their doors in early January, attests Mr Heriyanto, From March, three Sunday services will be held to cater for the increase in worshippers. As in Field of Dreams, it would appear thar the GBIS built its church in the knowledge that its worshippers would come.

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