"Singing President Went on Digital"
Indonesian's Presidential Palace ProAudio Installation

It came from one of those requests which you could never ever reject, the president's. Five vast areas stretching from the terraces (north and south), the dining room, Hall of Indonesia, and the Presidential Palace auditorium metamorphosed from analogue era to digital age, when Digital Steering Array (DSA) played the big role. Sneaking in, Chris Andre lets you peek on the sophisticated tuning inside. The exclusive request was mentioned in August 2007, though it was officially after Idul-Fitri holiday in October 2008 when Promedia Innovative Solution, led by Yosua Yan Heriyanto, started working on the one-month project of Presidential Palace's audio revolution. "Two major problems we had to encounter initially were the impractical analogue system that needs to be replaced soon and the fragility of the one-hundred-year-old building," explained Mr. Heriyanto, "but then we came to the conclusion that the only way-out was to install few numbers of DSA with digital mixing console using slim ethersound cables. " These ideas quickly assured both Totom Kodrat and Dr. Joko Sarwono, the palace's audio and acoustic consultants, and found the installation accomplished by the end of November. Each area pertains to different functions and occasions. While both terraces are regular venue for outdoor exhibition, the Hall of Indonesia is what most citizens preview if any press conferences take place. Suitable to deal with acoustic-challenged environment, a couple of EAW DSA 250i full-range systems have been given full trust to take care of each terrace, replacing interspersed mini-speakers available on many corners. Their flexible vertical beam-width alignment covers any angles from 15 to 120 degree as well as controlling frequency to the lowest limit of 300 Hz; consequently, this targeted sound beam option expands the previous audio concept which only stresses on having sound dispersed ubiquitously. The next installation is four EAW DSA 250i occupying the ceiling corners of the Hall of Indonesia to render clear speech deliverance as it also features 19-inch Earthworks. FM500 Podium Microphone that will capture the president's message impeccably regardless the proximity level. The dining room requires careful measure considering its location besieged by the family's private rooms, yet the auditorium gains most attention as it functions variously, ranging from as the inauguration venue for newly elected republic president to an entertainment site where traditional musicians amuse visiting guests. Similar to the prior hall, the dining room is equipped with four EAW DSA 250i to ensure great music flowing in; Mr. Heriyanto added, "Our president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, really appreciates music so that it's not too much to have four great loudspeakers indulge this particular area." One 16-input/16-output Allen&Heath IDR-8 DSP processor management also appears shyly on one corner, said to be the key that allows independent audio functioning without relying on the assistance over the master mixing set in the auditorium. "We're putting IDR-8 on every area besides the auditorium where Allen&Heath iLive 112 settles all the problems. This means, the terrace may have the audio control entirely on IDR-8 whenever it needs to work separately, but simultaneous sound can also be managed in all areas from the master control iLive." Mr. Heriyanto later showed the medium-size auditorium that collects six photographic paintings of all Indonesia presidents and has over 200 golden-lacquered audience chairs on sprawling novel red rug that tickles your steps along the way. A meter distance from the stage, two slim white proportions of mid-high EAW DSA 250i and low-mid DSA 230i nestled on the side pillars, looking fantastic for the interior and also able to emerge incredible sound due to their combination together with 19-inch RCF TTS 28 subwoofers, slipped under the stage panel, and iLive with ethersound connection. One final touch was to resolve poor acoustic quality in the auditorium. "Sometimes the president invites bands to perform here onstage. He loves music, and he even has an album, remember?" a justifying comment which unfortunately put on more pressure to the acoustic installation. Luckily, 52 pieces of 0.5-square-meter teakwood panel served the answer; it was BADTM Panel. Binary Amplitude DiffsorborTM (BADTM) offered diffusing absorber in a flat design panel enduring appropriate combination of absorption, reflection, and diffusion - though not necessarily made from teakwood, i.e. the only kind of wood permitted to suit with the palace construction. After everything was set, the auditorium sounded so classy, excelled particularly at delivering clear-articulated speech and easy-sway strumming jazz bands. Besides all of the magnificent items installed, Mr. Heriyanto proudly revealed his exquisite feature that took presidential palace into a higher level. The iLive had been synched to support wi-fi operation; a sound engineer then could easily open a PC tablet to adjust any faders in those five different areas. "Actually, it is a new technology applied in this country," said Mr. Heriyanto who then summed up, "it's just the right equipment at the right time and for the right president, someone who enjoys and appreciates sound."

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